Why Young Women Love Dating Older Men

Why Young Women Love Dating Older Men

Why Young Women Love Dating Older Men

I started this blog after a nasty divorce. I was alone, fat, drunk, and depressed. I didn’t see much hope in dating again anytime soon, and when I did dip my toes in, I certainly wasn’t finding the quality of women I was attracted to. I assumed I was too old with too much baggage. Young women wanted young men, period. WRONG!

I wasn’t too old, and neither are you!

I was unattractive, period. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. But my age…that was never the problem.

You see, many young women are attracted to older men. Just not fat, out of shape, depressed lumps that we let ourselves become as we get older. But when you take the time to get your shit together, older men have a lot of the qualities all women swoon over.

Older men are more intelligent.

We’ve all heard the saying “with age comes wisdom”, and as it turns out, this isn’t just an adage. It could be broader life experiences, or it could just be our ability to think things through improves with age. But either way, both studies and anecdotes from women prove over and over again that older men are more intelligent.

Woman get wowed by depth

An intelligent man is more attractive than a dunce. That’s not unique to sexual attraction either, that’s a universal truth. That doesn’t mean you have to be an Einstein, but it does mean that older men have an edge over younger dudes. Women get attracted to a man who they can admire. An intelligent mind is admirable.

Older men know what they want

Older men have been around. We’ve had a little bit of a lot of different pies. We have less uncertainty in our lives, and we’re better equipped to handle the uncertainty we do have. We know what we want, and we know how meaningful it is.

Not to mention that older men tend to be more secure. We don’t play games with her in the bedroom, not with her heart. This is where older mean have a huge advantage over our younger brethren. We’ve had more time to focus on building a stable life, and stability, especially financial stability is something that women crave from a man. She wants to feel confident in her mans steadfastness and ability to provide.

Older men are better lovers

Men spend their 20’s lusting after anything that moves, and being able to perform at the drop of a pair of panties. Older men, on the other hand, are able to hold they’re load and take their time. We mature from mere sexual animals, to fully grown sexual partners.

An older man has a strong micro-climate around him. He walks in the room, the bedroom with confidence, his presence is felt, he is a strong spirit with a deep mind. He leans by his woman and she wants his chemistry surrounding her.

An older man has grown himself to a point where his face, eyes and demeanour alone can speak. All he needs to do sometimes is give his woman a strong look and she will feel his intensely guarded sexual control and energy.

If you’re an older guy, maybe in your 30’s maybe in your 50’s, you can still attract young hot babes. In fact, if you focus on your grind and get your shit together, you can attract hotter woman than you ever have, and have them swooning over you like you never though possible. It isn’t about age. With age, you can increase attraction. If you don’t have all the women, or the quality of women you want, it’s 100% about you. So get at it.


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