How to get a bartenders attention

How to get a bartenders attention

How to get a bartenders attention

How to get a bartenders attention

Whether you’re setting foot into a new bar, or you’re out with coworkers and friends, getting served can be tricky if you’re competing with dozens of other patrons.

Whether you’re walking into a brand new pub for the first time, or hitting your regular watering hole, getting a busy bartenders attention can be tricky. The bartender does not hate you, I promise. But sometimes a little paitence pays off, and these tips.

1. Pick the right spot

If you want to be seen, you have to stand where the bartender can see you. Don’t sit behind the taps, or a crowd of other people sitting and expect to be served.

If you want the best spot, sit near the bartenders station. If your sitting where they mix the drinks, they’re more likely to see you there.

2. Keep your hands, and money out…but not up

Waiving your bills in the air like your trying to shove them into your bartenders g-string makes you look desperate, not wealthy. Waiving repeatedly, whistling, or other gestures when you’re in clear sight is a good way to get ignored.

Keep your money in your hand until they are ready to take it from you. Having it out can indicate that you’re ready to order, but be subtle.

3. Be patient

The bartender works for tips. They want to serve you, but they also need to serve everyone else. Being polite and patient will go a long way in getting them to come back. Don’t grown and moan about things taking too long. When you do get served, be courteious.


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