3 Ways to Develop Masculinity

3 Ways to Develop Masculinity

3 Ways to Develop Masculinity

Finding that thing that makes us men can be tough. And most men will just go with the flow and let life throw them around. Going wherever life decides to drag them that day.

You don’t want to be like that. You want to be a great man. You want to be in control. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of actions you can take, here are 3 things I’ve found that can put you on the path to change your life forever.

#1 Ditch Pornagraphy

Porn is a drug, plain and simple. Porn drains you of your vital energy, and darkens your eyes and soul.

Using porn on a regular basis gives you a dopamine rush in the short term, but like any drug it leaves you needed more and more to achieve the same level of stimulation. Over time, this constant overstimulation can ruin relationships, and can even lead to massive problems in the bedroom.

In extreme cases, you can even become withdrawn and start to prefer porn over real life sex and relationships.

And like any drug, you have to come down afterwards. Have you ever just had a quick one, and 30 minutes later felt like you had no motivation to do anything productive?

Sex, on the other hand, replinishes your vital energy. Strive to ditch pornography and nurture the love, desire, and fulfillment from real sex.

Become a sex god in real life, not a masterbating nerd in the dark in your living room. Let your energy build, and learn to focus on other things.

#2 Work Every Single Day

Have you ever had a day where you lay on the couch, and watched TV all day, without doing anything productive? How did it make you feel?

Like shit, that’s how. You don’t feel rested or rejouvinated…you feel drained.

Working every day makes great things happen, gives you motivation, and teaches you discipline. Working towards a goal creates desire, while laying around stagnant destroys it.

#3 Excercise Regularly

Regular excercise is not just for physical fitness, it’s also for mental and emotional health as well. You have to excercise to be healthy. No matter what.

Excercise should be a part of your daily routine. Just like coffee and shaving.

Besides getting off of your ass, excercise is the key to developing high testosterone that will transform you into the man you want to be. It teaches discipline and self control. Self reliance and emotional control.

How can you expect to control your emotions when shit hits the fan, if you can’t even control your mind in the gym? Can you push through that painful set? Can you get yourself up, even though it’s 5am and get started?

You’d better learn to. It’s the key to developing other aspects of your life that are missing. It’s the key to returning to manliness.


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