What is "The Return of Man"?

This blog is all about finding fulfillment, success, money, sex, relationships, happiness, and other the other things that make a man great.

It's about finding something that has been lost for many of us. It's about recovery, and rediscovering manhood and masculinity.

Welcome to The Return of Man...

When I started this blog I was overweight, overworked, alone, and broke. I was everything I didn't want to be. In short, I was lost. Over the years, I had lost myself.

I had just gone through a nasty divorce from my wife of 14 years, and an even nastier custody battle for our 4 small children. I was working 70+ hour weeks to provide for my family, and most of my paycheck was being drained off by the state and given to my ex anyway.

I was depressed, overweight and drunk. The hope of companionship was completely lost, and while I tried my best to put on a good face, the only solace I found was in a bottle of whiskey. I was too broke to travel or do any of the things I wanted to do, so I sat and drowned myself in my woes.

I was waiting for something to pull me out of it. But nothing ever did. I was at rock bottom. Something had to change.

I blamed the world at first. I blamed my ex-wife. I blamed everyone except myself. That's what had to change. I had to become accountable first, before I was going to find what was missing.

Slowly I started reading. I started going to the gym. I started talking to people and taking my career seriously again. And thus, The Return of Man was born...

This blog is about the return of masculinity, real masculinity. The kind of masculinity that makes us successful, driven, and tough. The kind of masculinity that women swoon over and men follow.

This blog is about winning. Winning in our careers, in the bedroom, and in our lives. Follow along, it's going to be a hell of a journey...